If you are new to this site, I should begin by explaining that I have no sense of smell. I was born without the ability, but in all my years I have never really felt what I’d call “disabled.” Sure, I’ve had my share of embarrassing moments but for the most part I’ve learned how to live without a sense of smell. I don’t wear clothes twice. I refresh my deodorant mid-day. I make sure there are fresh batteries in my poisonous gas detector. I use breath mints.

But since giving birth to my son three years ago, there have been a few moments during parenthood where I really was at a loss. There were a couple of dirty diapers left inside a diaper bag left inside a hot car. There was an unnoticed bowel movement during grocery shopping that prompted strangers to stare until one woman mentioned something (I had just changed him!). But those moments were nothing compared to this.